Online Training Community - Foundation Agility & Tricks

Have you completed the basics and looking for some more learning to do with your dog?  

Join us for this FOUNDATION DOG AGILITY class where we will start with the basics of agility and work through the steps and training exercises in our home environments.  

We will also teach some tricks, relevant to training our dogs some new agility skills!  Such as wrapping around an object, walking backward, putting their front feet and rear feet on obstacles and more!  We will train using positive reinforcement and also talk about clicker training (a clicker isn’t essential though!), shaping, luring and other training techniques! 

My name is Tarah and I have a Certificate in Canine Behaviour and over 15 years experience in helping other people to train their dogs. I also compete in dog agility, and Azmin is the next pup to train up for the agility ring

Azmin (Border Collie) was born in February 2020 and raised with us here at Shine Canine and trained from 3 weeks old in the “Puppy Zen” program, with support from Mark Vette - Animal Behaviourist.  We also have Ember (5) and Blaze (2) who will also feature in videos, they are Azmins Mum and Dad.

Ideally your dog will have completed basic obedience training prior to this, and at least be able to do the following:
- Sit
- Down
- Wait/Stay
- Come when called
- Food drive/or toy drive and focus

What do I need?
All you really need is treats that the dog loves to eat and something that the dog loves to tug on, if they like the game of tug, or some sort of toy that the dog loves - Puppingtons Pods are great for food loving dogs that don’t love toys as much: 

Do not panic if you do not have any agility equipment, there are a lot of house hold items we can use when we first get started in agility.  In this foundation agility class we will not be teaching the dogs to jump, as they need to be old enough that they have finished growing before we start jumping our dogs.  But there is SO MUCH we can do before we start to jump our dogs!

How much and what do we get? 
- This course is just $50 and we don't have a timeline, initially there is a lot of content as we understand that dogs will be at various levels, and then there will be weekly videos posted showing further training.  You will have lifetime access to the content on Facebook.
- You will also get a coupon code for 10% off our online shop
- PLUS you can add on our basics online training course for HALF PRICE ($30 instead of $60 for more than 6 months of training content!)


*You will need a login for FACEBOOK to access this community.
*There is no refund or money back as you will get A LOT of content from the moment you join us

To get started on your dog agility adventure, you can email us at



“My girl Kasey is fear reactive and building both owner and dog confidence is a HUGE deal for us. A great tool that we have used to improve Kasey’s confidence is through building trust and leadership through training tricks/basic agility. Getting Kasey to jump “up” onto a foreign object is such a simple skill but can be so rewarding for confidence building. Wait and releasing cues have been great for general impulse control when you have a breed that has high-prey tendencies. I love that this course enables confidence that can be used both in general tricks/agility but can be transferred into an environment that can be an anxious time for an owner and dog e.g. walking in public with other dogs that my dog will react too. Tarah does a great job at showing the reality of learning new tricks. It is not a walk in the park and if you have an adolescent dog like mine that sometimes decides to run when told to sit 🤣 it is a realistic approach to training and can all be done with no/minimal equipment at home. Would recommend for all dog owners that want to better their relationship with their dog!” - Rayner & Kasey.


“I really like how clear the videos are. You see training in real time, for the puppy's first time so it's a real world experience. I've trained a dog previously, and I still learn and improve from every video. I'm recommending this course to all puppy and young dog owners I know, because it's not just agility that these skills are useful for. Walks are improved, impulse control and recall all getting better.” - Kazel & Lumin.