Here at Shine Canine we understand how important it is to lay strong foundations in our puppies training, life skills and socialisation.  We can help you from the day you bring your puppy home, with training tips and tools, through to further training as well as helping your pup become a well socialised dog for the future!

Homecoming Lessons - Bringing your puppy home!

We will come to your home (within Whitianga) and spend approximately 1.5 hours with you and your family talking life with a puppy, how best to get started on the right paw with training, through to feeding, crate training, playing with your pup, creating a life long bond and more!  This is a great opportunity to ask any questions or raise any concerns.  Before our visit you will also receive our training Ebook along with 2 of Dr Ian Dunbars puppy Ebooks, and after our visit you will receive follow up notes on what we discussed, plus you will also receive a gift pack!
Price: $130 including GST and travel within Whitianga


Life Skills - group training classes

Once your puppy is a little older, you can bring them to our Life Skills group training classes, where they can meet other dogs as well as learning to work (train) around distractions.  They can also meet chickens and a pig!

Click here for more information: https://www.shinecanine.co.nz/pages/learn-life-skills



Positive Puppy Play - FREE
Once your puppy is fully vaccinated (7-10 days after last vaccination) we invite you to bring your puppy to our FREE positive puppy play sessions which are held on Thursday mornings.  Drop off your puppy at 10am and leave them with us for a morning of fully supervised puppy play, with other puppies, small dogs and some gentle older dogs, once they are confident enough.  Then you can return between 11.30am-12.00pm to pick them up.  This is free up until your puppy is 6 months old!  While they are here, as well as learning important dog-dog social and play skills, we also work on them responding to their name (recall) and not jumping up on people.


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