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Dog Beds for the Caring Pet Parent

When words don't quite cut it with your pets, gestures say it all. Show your doggo some extra love by giving them the comfiest spot in the house. Dogs might seem like bundles of energy, but they need enough rest to thrive throughout the day. That's where Shine Pets comes in with our range of dog beds – the right way for your furry friends to curl up and snooze. Creating a cosy little corner for your pup is a form of love language with your beloved canine companion. ..

Canine Comfort, On-The-Go

Don't forget, when you're out and about on your holiday, your pet deserves a vacation too! That's why our portable and convenient dog beds can sort out your dog's comfort needs, no matter where you are. At Shine Pets, we've got you covered with foldable dog bedding solutions perfect for all your outdoor adventures. Whether it's camping on a rainy day or enjoying a sunny evening picnic in the garden, make your pup feel at home.

For All Shapes, Sizes, Ages, and Breeds!

At Shine Pets, where we've got the comfiest small, medium, and large beds for dogs of all sizes and breeds. All dog beds, and the accessories that go along with them, are made from superior and durable materials for both indoor and outdoor adventures. Get cosy fleece mats for dogs that pair perfectly with our beds to keep the chills away during winter. And if you're going camping, our waterproof dog bed covers are a must. Shop with us today and give your doggo the comfort they deserve!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Shine Pets dog beds suitable for travel?
    Absolutely! Pets deserve to be pampered even when on the go. That's why we offer portable and convenient dog beds that are perfect for all your outdoor adventures. Whether you're camping, picnicking, or travelling, our range of foldable dog beds ensures your pet's comfort.
  2. How do I choose the right bed for my dog?
    Consider factors like your dog's size, sleeping style, age, and health needs. Go through our sizing guide provided with each product and choose accessories that you think your pooch needs. Go by other preferences like indoor or outdoor usage and look for materials that suit your weather.
  3. Are the dog beds easy to clean and maintain?
    Yes! Cleaning your dog's bed is simple. Most indoor dog beds we offer are easily machine-washable to keep your pet’s surroundings clean and fresh. Other outdoor options, like the Folding/Camping Dog Bed from Outdoor Connection, are made of materials like polyester which take minimal cleaning and maintenance.
  4. Why should my dog have a bed if they can sleep on the floor?
    A dog bed comes with multiple health benefits for your four-legged friend. They provide insulation from the cold or heat and also support their joints and muscles. Staying off the floor also means your dog’s fur is protected from dirt and dust. Moreover, it elevates their comfort and works as a mood booster!
  5. How can I contact Shine Pets?
    To contact Shine Canine: please call 027-360-4870 or email us at We are also available on Facebook at
  6. How can I return a product and/or seek a refund from Shine Pets?
    If you wish to return or exchange your item, please contact us at with your order number, product and reason for return. Be sure to check our Returns Policy before reaching out to us.

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