BioThane Hardware Options

We are excited to have added different hardware options to our BioThane products - making them now even more customisable!! 🤩 

Note that we cannot get some sizes of some of the hardware, therefore certain products are unavailable in some sizes. 

Please take note of the below information regarding the hardware options before completing your purchase...

Material: Zinc die casting
Surface finish: Nickel plated/Chrome Plated

Material: Steel
Surface finish: Matte black

Material: Steel
Surface finish: Rose gold

Material: Zinc die casting
Surface finish: Titan Neo-Chrome

Unfortunately, at this time, we have been unable to source all solid brass products, so our quick release buckles are brass plated while our clips, D rings, Tri Glides and belt buckles are solid brass.  Our rivets are both options.  If you order a quick release collar it will be all solid brass.
TIP: Brass products can oxidize and darken as a result. This is not a defect, only a natural characteristic of brass.  If the brass hardware is rubbed intensely, the gold finish may wear away and a silver layer may appear on the surface. This does not mean that the rivet is not brass. Even if the color changes, the quality of the rivet remains the same
BRASS Material: Brass sand casting
Surface finish: Polished
Surface finish: Brass plated

We're talking about a material that's not afraid of water, mud or salt. Yes, it's stainless steel - the material that says, "Rust? I don't know." And why should you care? Because it means your leashes and collars will be reliable and maintenance-free for years to come. You will be able to enjoy Max on the beach or Lady in the woods without worrying about their leash.
And what about the high price? In short, quality has its price. An investment in this stainless steel snap hook is an investment in worry-free quality that will last forever. So, yes, you could go the cheaper route and choose something else, but then you would miss out on the joy of the longevity that comes with stainless steel.
Material: Stainless steel
Surface finish: Polished