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Fetch Happiness with Delicious Treats

Who doesn't adore that priceless sparkle in their pup's eyes the moment they see a treat or even just hear the word? Dog treats are more than just snacks – they present an opportunity to boost their happiness and well-being. Improving their digestive health and keeping their teeth in shape are just some of their countless nutritional perks. Plus, they're perfect for adding some excitement to playtime with ample room for training and growth.

Rewarding Training Made Easy

Training your dog without using treats as a reward system is next to impossible. That's why Shine Pets has you covered with treats designed for dogs of all ages and sizes – whether your pup is small, medium, or large. Our treats are super training-friendly and come in bite-sized varieties for your convenience. Choose from top brands like Superior Chunky, Nylabone, Yours Droolly, and more.

Treat Your Pup to Meaty Munchies

Why stick to the same old boring food for your pup when every meal can be refreshing with Shine Pets' delicious treats? Our assortment of meaty delights, including chicken, beef, pork, and even venison, will leave your dog wanting more. All our dog treats are made with the best natural ingredients and meet the highest standards for animal product supply. Discover the best dog treats online at Shine Pets and indulge your four-legged friend today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our treats cater to dogs of all ages and sizes, from small to large breeds. For example, treats like the Beef Pizzle Chew/Bully Stick are suitable for big dogs and heavy chewers while Lamb Ears are perfect for small and medium-sized dogs, who may be allergic to other types of ears like beef or pig. Be sure to check each product’s details before purchasing for your furry friend.
Yes, indeed! Our treats offer numerous nutritional benefits. Most of our products like the Superior Chunky Dog Roll support muscle development, aid digestion and improve vision and energy levels. We offer meat treats made from natural ingredients, sourced in NZ.
Dog treats are invaluable for training because they instantly reward good behaviour. When dogs get treats for following commands, they learn to obey, respond positively, and do it again. Choosing bite-sized dog treats such as Yours Droolly Duck Sticks and Super Chunky Dog Cookies are convenient tools for training sessions. But remember not to overdo it! Use treats in moderation, along with toys and positive reinforcement.
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