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As a pet owner, nothing compares to the joy you feel when you see your pet having the time of its life, frolicking about and playing. However, there is also nothing quite as bad as seeing your pet fall sick. So, you come to our “Health” .. collection and take what you need to keep them healthy!

Our collection features a selection of absolute musts that will keep your buddy happy and healthy. From vitamins and supplements to dental care and first aid supplies, we have everything you need to support your pet’s health. Boosting their immune system, maintaining their dental hygiene, or treating those small injuries as soon as they happen - our collection will equip you for all of it! Keep your pet in the pink of health with the help of our healthcare products!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of products would you recommend to increase joint strength?

We have quite a few different products that would help boost your pet’s joint strength:

We recommend taking a look at the product pages and reviewing the information to find which of them is most suitable for your pet. 

2. What types of toothpaste are available?

There are different types of toothpaste available in our collection. Check with your vet to find out which of them would be most suitable for your pet. 

We also have a toothbrush set available, for those who are new to this!

3. Are there any products that would help deal with worms or fleas?

Absolutely! This is a very common problem across all pets, so we have plenty of products that will help combat this. 

4. How can I contact Shine Pets?

To contact Shine Canine: please call 027-360-4870 or email us at We are also available on Facebook at

5. How can I return a product and/or seek a refund from Shine Pets?

If you wish to return or exchange your item, please contact us at with your order number, product and reason for return. Be sure to check our Returns Policy before reaching out to us.

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