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An active doggo is a happy doggo! When pets don’t get enough playtime, boredom kicks in and things go downhill before you can say ‘fetch’. They misdirect their pent-up energy into tantrums, and suddenly, your house is a chaotic playground. Plus, keeping them active also takes care of their joint and muscle health. That's why every dog out there deserves the best of toys to play with – they’re almost as essential as food, water, and shelter. After all, life is meant to be just fun and games for your four-legged friends! ..

Shine Pets is home to a diverse selection of boredom-busting dog toys in the NZ market. Our extensive range caters to all ages, sizes, and breeds because we truly believe there’s a perfect toy out there for every dog. Keep your pooch happy and in shape with our best-selling dog toys – this includes must-have classics like plush toys, flirt poles and dozens of balls to novelty items like interactive toys to keep them engaged and entertained.

Our collection also boasts indestructible, tough dog toys in NZ for those heavy chewers. Investing in these toys not only provides a durable option for your canine friend but also helps teach them to differentiate between their belongings and your valuables. Dog toys aren't just for fun; they're great for training too! At Shine Pets, we've got a lineup of toys from reputable brands like JW, Kong, ChuckIt!, and Ruff Dawg. Grab your doggo's new favourite toys right here, right now!"

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What size toy should I choose for my dog?
    Our dog toys come in a variety of sizes and pet parents should check the size guide provided with each product. Consider factors like your dog’s breed, weight, and chewing intensity. Remember, small toys can pose choking hazards, so it's best to opt for a size up just in case.
  2. Are the toys safe for my dog?
    Absolutely! At Shine Pets, we carefully select dog toys only from reputable brands that meet high safety and quality standards. All materials used in the toys are non-toxic and durable to ensure your pet can play with them with confidence.
  3. My dog is a heavy chewer, what toy should I get?
    We offer a wide range of toys specifically designed for heavy chewers. From natural deer antlers to virtually indestructible rubber balls, some of our toys are made from ultra-durable materials such as tough rubber or nylon. Remember, supervision is always recommended, and even tough toys have their limits.
  4. What are interactive dog toys and how can they help my pup?
    Interactive dog toys outshine regular toys by engaging your dog mentally and physically during playtime. They do this through hidden treats and other interactive features. Items like food training toys and food puzzles provide mental stimulation, physical exercise, and behavioural enrichment, and strengthen the bond between you and your pup.
  5. Can dog toys help with their behaviour and training?
    Yes! Many toys in our collection are designed to provide mental stimulation and encourage positive behaviours. They instil good habits like problem-solving and independent play. Interactive toys can also help with training by rewarding pets for desired behaviours.
  6. How can I contact Shine Pets?
    To contact Shine Canine: please call 027-360-4870 or email us at We are also available on Facebook at
  7. How can I return a product and/or seek a refund from Shine Pets?
    If you wish to return or exchange your item, please contact us at with your order number, product, and reason for return. Be sure to check our Returns Policy before reaching out to us.

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