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Experience The BioThane Advantage

Why settle for ordinary leather in a world where BioThane reigns supreme as the ultimate dog collar material? Get the best of both worlds with BioThane’s luxurious look and feel combined with sheer comfort and durability. Let’s fact it: leather is cool but it’s no match to your doggo’s messy whims and fancies. On the other hand, BioThane is designed to meet all of your pet’s wear and tear needs. Say goodbye to dirty collars as the lightweight, easy-to-wash material kicks away dirt and moisture. No more worrying about soggy and smelly dog collars as BioThane’s exceptional material keeps it odour-free, and retains shape even when your furry companion is out for a swim. .. and even better, these are made locally in NZ!

What Goes Into BioThane

BioThane is not just a material; it’s a lifestyle. Our dog collars and leads last longer than ever with durable polyester webbing. A soft coating of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) ensures that BioThane does not absorb dirt or moisture. Handmade with love, choose our products from a stunning array of colours and patterns and let your pets stand out from the crowd. Canine couture doesn’t get any better than this, with trademarked excellence and ISO certification.

Play Fetch with Shine Pets' BioThane Collection in NZ

It’s time for a canine glow-up! Explore our wide range of BioThane Regular or Long-Line Leads from NZ and let Shine Pets redefine comfort and style for your four-legged friend. Each piece is a work of art, designed to flaunt your dog’s unique charm. Browse our collection today and treat your pet to a world where fashion meets functionality.

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