Learn & Train


Where-ever you are in your dog training journey, we have you covered!  

From first time owners who are bringing a new dog into your home, to fun classes to improve your dog’s basic manners, or step it up and learn how you can teach your dog tricks like those seen on wonderdogs!

Tarah has a Certificate in Canine Behaviour and over 16 years experience in training dogs, and throughout this time she has attended/completed various dog training seminars/courses.  

We would love to help you learn how to build your relationship with your dog and how, through training and reinforcement, you can help your dog grow into a well-mannered, happy and friendly dog that you are proud to own! Maybe it’s recall, or enthusiastic greetings, or pulling on the lead – building your relationship will help with all of these!

Our classes (and home visits) are in Whitianga/Mercury Bay.

Plan your next steps...

NEW: Junior Dog Trainers Academy

For school aged kids and their family dogs - held Tuesdays at 3.30pm.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION


HOMECOMING - an in home lesson to prepare you for bringing your puppy (or adult dog/rescue) home!  

PRIVATE LESSONS - you prefer to learn one on one 

FOUNDATION AGILITY/TRICKS - if you have done the basics and want to learn some more skills

Group Lessons

LIFE SKILLS - for fully vaccinated puppies and older, 2 lessons with a lot of information to help train your dog for life

FOUNDATION AGILITY/TRICKS - if you have completed Life Skills and want to learn some more fun skills!

Online Training

ONLINE TRAINING - BASICS - follow our journey training our puppy Azmin for 6 months from 7 weeks old!  Includes basic skills, through to some more advanced skills and tricks.

ONLINE TRAINING - FOUNDATION AGILITY - An introduction to agility, skills needed for foundation agility work plus some relevant tricks! 

SKYPE - If you don't live in the area, we can help you online with any other dog training help you may need!


Hi Tarah, Thankyou for our one on one training day, getting all the tips and reinforcing what I learnt in the online group have made all the difference to Penny, and given me the confidence that I am doing things right.
I love how your kids are involved or just playing around, great for my pup who has not been around kids.
We are looking forward to Puppy Play days
Thankyou Naomi