Daycare & Overnight Stays

Here at Shine Canine we are committed to being your dogs teacher, not just their “dog-sitter”.  Our Daycare 2.0 model emphasizes mental, physical, and emotional stimulation as well as appropriate rest.

Our day includes practicing basic obedience such as "coming when called", "sit", "wait", and other impulse control activities! This will ensure your dogs are coming home just as mentally tired as they are physically tired! 

- Adventure Walk (your dog is taken out of daycare for a walk) - $15
- Agility or Trick Training (one-on-one training with your dog - dogs must have an interest in food or toys) - $20



Dogs are descendants of wolves and for this reason it is important that we give them the opportunity to participate in behaviours that are in their genetics and the desires that they naturally have.  Our natural outdoor environment facilitates extremely beneficial behaviours - we give all dogs an outlet to just be dogs!

Here at Shine Canine we give all dogs the space to run, play, sniff and explore, and also enough space to get away and go to a quiet area if the dog is feeling anxious.  Our facilities have a brand new indoor area plus 4 outdoor areas which consist of 3 medium areas and one large paddock.  Our large paddock has dirt mounds (which we will grow grass on) with tunnels underneath, and even a fallen tree trunk which creates a lot of fun!  And we have a trough and some paddling pools on offer.  Our outdoor natural environment also offers the benefit of "earthing" (or "grounding").  Also see "Pets Need the Earth".

Our goal is to create as much of a natural dog environment as possible offering multi sensory areas, giving puppies and dogs the ability to grow in confidence through new experiences.  Keep in mind that just because your dog doesn’t necessarily play with other dogs, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t benefiting from the social and enriching environment that we have on offer here.  Some dogs love the social part of daycare, they are like “disco” dogs and some are more like “library” dogs who would appreciate the change of environment and experiencing various aspects of enrichment.  Because of our variety of spaces, we cater for both the “disco” dogs and the “library” dogs.

We appreciate that not all dogs are created equal, some just want to get out there and play with everyone straight away, some find just one dog sniffing their bum overwhelming!  Every new dog that arrives gets the time to check things out at their own pace before we slowly introduce our existing daycare dogs to them one at a time, depending on how they cope with this.  Some may want to get straight to play and some may take several weeks, and that is ok too!

We invite you to get in touch to arrange to bring your dog to check us out.  All dogs must be well socialised (with dogs and people), fully vaccinated (including kennel cough), up to date with worming and flea treatment, and not a barker/noisy dog (see note below about our noisy dog policy).
Click here to read about Canine Cough

We also offer overnight stays, and these dogs also participate in our doggy daycare – a bonus about bringing your dog to our doggy daycare is that if and when you need to head away for a night (or longer), your dog already knows our place as it’s home away from home, and they are excited to arrive and stay and play with their friends.  You can head away and do what you need to do and relax knowing your dog is safely cared for and entertained in a place that they are familiar and comfortable with.

For overnight stays, we provide food, however if your dog has dietary requirements you can bring their food in a sealed, labelled container with their name and feeding instructions.  We also ask you to please bring their bed.
Small dogs sleep in crates indoors and medium/large dogs sleep in our purpose built kennels/runs.


While we are open 7 days a week, our regular doggy daycare is open Monday through to Friday. 
Drop off: 8.15 – 9.00am (DAYCARE dogs can arrive from 8am Monday to Friday)
Pick up: 4.30 – 5.15pm
Outside of these hours by prior appointment only


Casual $30
5 concessions $140 ($28 per visit)
10 concessions $260 ($26 per visit)
- Further discounts available for 3 or more days per week (enquire within).
Concessions are only available for dogs booked in at least once a week.  If you have a concession and your dog can’t attend on their day for whatever reason, you can change this to another day of that week - WE REQUIRE 48 HOURS NOTICE FOR CANCELLATIONS OR YOU WILL STILL BE CHARGED.

Standard Boarding
Little dogs sleep inside in crates, med/large outside in kennel/run

Overnight Stay $32 (maximum 24 hour period)
Additional Day Stay $30
(ie 2 days/1 night = $32 + $30)

NEW: Deluxe Boarding
For medium/large dogs, cage free indoors
 - (not suitable for puppies or destructive dogs) - only TWO seperate indoor areas available
Overnight Stay $40 (maximum 24 hour period)
Additional Day Stay $30
Additional Dog from the same family $35 (maximum 24 hour period)

CANCELLATION POLICY: We require at least 48 hours notice for cancellations/changes to your booking, less than this and you will still be charged.

2 or more dogs $30 each per night
Dogs must be from the same house and share a kennel/crate
Stays of 3 weeks of longer – contact us for a discounted price

Prices are per dog and include GST

*Discounts are not available over holiday periods and long weekends.
*All reservations for holiday periods/long weekends will require a 50% deposit within 7 days of booking in order to secure your dogs place and balance payable before arrival.
*Please note that there is a $5 surcharge (per dog) on public holidays.

For enquiries or to book please visit

As we live on site with our small children, and to respect our neighbourhood and protect our resource consent we are unable to take dogs that continue to be noisy (barking/howling/crying), such as barking when put in their kennel, or crying/howling due to separation of human contact. If you bring your dog and it is continuing to be a problem with it’s noise level, unfortunately we will have to contact you to come and collect it.  If you are unsure how they would go, we recommend booking them for one day and night to see how they go, we would hate for you to have to cut your trip short because your dog wasn’t coping in a kennel environment