Learn: Tricks & Agility

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning tricks and agility (even if you just want to have a go), or need help with any aspects of training agility – either yourself or your dog.

Tarah has successfully trained two dogs to ADX Gold (Agility Dog Excellence) – Karmera Shines Ruby ADX Gold (“Shine”) and Karmera Shynee-asta ADX Gold (“Asta”).  Shine earnt her angel wings in June 2018 (aged 16.5) and Asta has since retired, and Tarah is now competing with Ember, her 4 year old tri coloured Border Collie and training up puppy Blaze for the agility ring  

Tarah has instructed agility for the last 8+ years at various levels at Cambridge Dog Obedience Club and Shine Canine as well as private lessons when required – see the LEARN page for some testimonials.

Tarah enjoys teaching people and their dogs and would love to be able to help you and your dog!

A special video, Sarah’s Mum contacted me as her she wanted to bring her daughter with their dog Xena to have a go at agility, several private and group lessons later I was soon taking Sarah to shows with me and she became like a little sister to me – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5_u1zLdgh8