Learn: Life Skills


So you have just got a dog?  Or you’re about to get a new puppy?  How much easier will those first few weeks be if you’ve got a few skills under your belt to really enjoy this time together as you learn to figure each other out!

“Dog Training: Life Skills”

Lesson 1: January 31st, 6pm
Lesson 2: February 21st, 6pm
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The perfect starting point for when you first bring your puppy or dog home…

This is a VERY INFORMATIVE 2 lesson package:

Lesson 1: This lesson is theory and practical.  We will discuss the basics of owning a dog and dog training, as well as teach a multitude of exercises to continue training with your dog at home.  You will be provided with follow up notes of all the exercises along with a training plan to help keep you on track with training at home.

Lesson 2: This lesson follows on from Lesson 1, where we recap exercises taught so far and continue on with more training exercises.

Both lessons are 60-90 minutes long with a small group of other dogs, so the dogs can socialise and also learn to work around distractions.  At the end of the class the dogs will likely be given the opportunity to play together.

We will discuss things such as:
*Crate training
*Feeding your dog
*Teaching your dog self control – not to jump up, not to barge through doors/gates, not to help themselves to your food, and to sit patiently and wait for their release when putting their food bowl down
*Getting your dog to happily come to you when you reach for them, instead of running away
*How to teach them to happily respond to their name (the first time you call it!)
*Entertaining your dog when you aren’t home
*Establishing a routine and boundaries

Plus you will be shown how to teach the following…
*Loose lead walking

Plus the most important thing in dog training, relationship building between you and your dog!

As well as answering any questions you may have regarding training your dog.

Price: $130 (incl GST)
Price includes:
*Shine Canine Ebook
*Dr Ian Dunbars Puppy Ebooks (x2)
*Gift pack
*Lesson 1 (approximately 90 minutes)
*Lesson 2 (60-90 minutes)
*Follow up notes emailed through after each lesson.
*Support between each lesson
*Take advantage of our Online Training Community for HALF PRICE

(Ebooks will be emailed once payment is received, it is advisable to get this beforehand so you have time to read through it before we meet)